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Big Beard Board Game (01C2051)

Always wanted to have a huge beard? Now's your chance! Play big beard battle with your family or friends and try to be the first to grow the biggest beard! Use your memory to turn over the correct colour and add that beard piece. The first to add four beard pieces to their beard wins the game! Includes 4 Beards, 16 Moustache, 1 Razor, 1 Scissors and 1 Turntable. Requires 2+ players. Warm Tip: For kids age 3+.

Guess Game – Ambition Theme (01C2043)

An exciting board game "Who am I?". Flip over the time and ask each of the player a question. You can use any questions except ''what am I?'' If you guess the picture before the time runs out, take another card. Continue asking questions until the timer runs out. When you guess correctly, move one of your chips in the 'bank', then you are able to get rid of your chips. Includes 4 headbands, 1 timer, 20 scoring chips and 50 cards. Multiplayer game, suitable for family bonding time.

Mad Scientists – Microbes Lab Board Game (01C2047)

Help doctor of microbiology to compete her research! Sort the microbes into your petri dish using your tweezers, and abit of logic. Work fast to figure out the missing microbes and superbugs and snatch them up before your opponents do! Be the fastest scientist in the lab to win! 2-4 Players. Components:
  • 48 microbes
  • 5 petri dishes
  • 4 lab tweezers
  • 54 challenge cards
  • Illustrated rules


  • Spell words using the nine letters on the grid
  • Your words must be created from letters that are touching and are in the correct order
  • Use the letters you spelled with to build letter stacks!
  • The player with the largest stack wins!
  • A great game for word lovers, age 10 and up!

Table Game-Beware The Shark (WS5359) 01C2039

  • give the cards to game participants one by one and start the game according to the instructions
  • turn on the switch so that the sharks will make a crazy sound
  • use hand to lightly steal the small fish from the mouth of crazy sharks and remember to do that gently
  • if you carelessly press the mouth the sharks will bite you