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Amazing Underwater World (6008) 109248

The Amazing set!
  • Amazing underwater world
  • 109248
  • (6008)

Animal Backpack Series Metamorphosis knapsack-Bear 106969

This is the 2 in 1 Animal knapsack!
  • 20 x 10 x 25
  • The pink colour bear
  • 2 in 1

DIDI & FRIENDS 12″ Backpack (17D020)

  • Eye-catching backpack with Nana character
  • Perfect for Didi & Friends Fans
  • Size: 12″ height

Didi & Friends Ecozen 420ML Water Bottle 110286 (17D092)

In Toy World.We are diligent in selection and preparation so that we can deliver high quality,innovative affordable products.As results,the products always meet your objectives maintain our long standing reputation as a reliable brand. DDNF ECOZEN 420ML WATER BOTTLE (17D092) *420ML *colour -Pink -Blue -Green *Comes with two straws *Authentic product from Toy World.

If you buy, please write the color you want on the purchase note,thankyou!!

DIDI & FRIENDS Value Backpack 17D022

  • Eye-catching backpack
  • Material: PVC & Fabric
  • Perfect for Didi & Friends Fans
  • Size: 12″ height

DIDI AND FRIENDS Bundle Set A (Pink)

Toy World Didi & Friends Bundle Set A (Pink) Worth RM128
  • 1x Pink Lunch Box Small (17D089)
  • 1x Green Water Bottle (17D088)
  • 1x Surprise Figurine (17D068)
  • 1x Nana Backpack 12 inch (17D019)
  • 1x PVC Pencil Bag (17D071)