Learning doesn’t have to stop just because you are playing! When you buy educational toys from Toy World, you are simultaneously incorporating learning into your child’s playtime. Our educational toys will help them develop thinking and motor skills. We enjoy watching our children have fun and enjoy the thrill of childhood imagination and play! But one thing that makes watching them play even more enjoyable: knowing they’re also learning! The good news is that our children are always learning when they play (even if it doesn’t appear so). This means that as parents, we can relax and enjoy watching our children play without having to buy expensive buy educational toys online. The best educational toys are those that stimulate your child’s interests and imagination, which means that the toys that will benefit your child the most will be unique to your child. When you buy educational toys, it should be noted that they, come in a variety of styles and provide a variety of educational opportunities. Sensory toys, movement toys, construction toys, apps & electronic toys, and open-ended toys are among them. When you buy educational toys online, you are also indirectly investing in your child’s learning skills.

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Color Dough Series – Sweet Shop (01G2148)

37 pcs sweet shop color dough play set for kids and children. Comprises 4 cans of coloured dough. The dough play set is able to erich a child's imagination. Great way to improve your little one's eye hand coordination and recognition of colours and shapes. This play set will provide hours of fun for your kids. Suitable for multiplayer. Parents can spend their quality time to create the dough with the little ones to develop their creative thinking! Made from non-toxic and harmless materials, designed for children's safety.

Dragon-I B/O Junior Megasaur Dino – 3 Asst (80079) 100111

  • Roaring sounds and more
  • Biting Action
  • Light-up Eyes
  • Available in:
    • T-Rex
    • Allosaur
    • Rugops
  • Sold separately (assorted)


Frozen 2 playset , let your little ones have fun with Elsa and Anna!

FROZEN 2 Ice Cream Maker 1656 – 103608

RM79.80 RM63.84
The most incredible ice cream maker. Yes, now children can make their own ice cream ! No batteries required. No freezing required. Ice cream becomes ready within minutes. Includes instructions and recipes. FROZEN 2 Ice Cream Maker 1656 - 103608


  • Let's feel the snowy magic from Frozen 2!
  • Give your little ones a memorable Christmas gift with Elsa and Anna!
  • DIY your own lantern! Tools are included in the packaging.
  • Authentic and Original Licensed.