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38cm Bubble Stick (922-81) 01Q2026

  • 38cm bubble stick
  • Suitable to play at outdoor, like playground or swimming pool.

5In1 Chess Board R9201 100122

Play five different types of board game at one go!

Big Beard Board Game (01C2051)

Always wanted to have a huge beard? Now's your chance! Play big beard battle with your family or friends and try to be the first to grow the biggest beard! Use your memory to turn over the correct colour and add that beard piece. The first to add four beard pieces to their beard wins the game! Includes 4 Beards, 16 Moustache, 1 Razor, 1 Scissors and 1 Turntable. Requires 2+ players. Warm Tip: For kids age 3+.

Cat Hand Fan (TML-218) 01G2141

Colours: Blue, Pink, Yellow. Get this mini hand-held press fan with different colours and cute expressions! The best mini fan to cool yourself and your little one during the super hot weather!

Chess Series (S2210) 01C2022

  • Magnetic Pieces
  • For 6+
  • Magnetic folding board
  • High-class educational game
  • Show your wisdom

Chess Series Backgammon (R9301) 01C2017

  • Backgammon
  • Stimulate the imagination
  • Disentomb the brain function
  • Promote the intelligence development
  • For age 6+
  • Folding Magnetic Board

Chess Series- Gobang (S2212) 01C2024

  • Gobang
  • Magnetic Mini-Board
  • Stimulate the imagination
  • Disentomb the brain function
  • Promote the intelligence development
  • High-class funny game, Sho your wisdom

Chuck Screaming Egg laying Chicken (1111-85) 01C2029


One egg? One rubber chicken? One exploding hen house? What is this game? It’s giggling fun for kids age four and up! Roll the dice and then press on the chicken’s chest the number of times shown on the dice, and you’ll hear a funny “SQUAWK!” If she doesn’t lay an egg, then it’s the next player’s turn. But if the hen house opens, she’ll lay an egg that you get to crack open. Did the token inside land egg side up or chick side up? Egg side up: you’re out of luck this time, and it’s the next player’s turn. Chick side up: you get to collect a chick token. “Reset” the chicken and keep going until all six chick tokens are collected. Player who collects the most chick tokens in the winner. Squawking chicken sound effects make the game even more fun! For kids age four and up. Game includes 1 rubber chicken, 1 hen house, 1 egg, 1 dice, 1 egg token, 6 chick tokens, and 1 Rules Sheet. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Kids will love this light-hearted game with the squawking chicken!
  • Press the chicken and listen for the funny “SQUAWK!” If the hen house opens, the chicken will lay an egg that you get to “crack open.”
  • Did the token inside land egg side up or chick side up? If it’s chick side up, you get to keep a chick token!
  • The player with the most chick tokens wins!
  • Giggling, squawking fun for kids age four and up.

FROZEN 2 Karaoke Microphone (1043) 102581

Into the unknown! Let's feel the snowy magic from Frozen 2! Give your little ones a memorable Christmas gift with Elsa and Anna! Magic Microphone. With colorful and bright lights Can be connect the cable with your cellphone and you can sing With the original movie song on the microphone. FUNCTION: Press the buttons to try: On-Off button to turn the microphone on and off, press the button Music to listen the original movie song. The microphone have own FROZEN MUSIC in music button, you can connect to MP3 to download any music you like via the microphone 's amplifier at base indicated in the file to announce the music. ELECTRIC/ 3 AAA (included)