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Cars 3 Walkie Talkie

RM49.90 RM25.00
  • Walkie talkie for children
  • Frequency 40MHZ
  • Connect with your friends!

DISNEY CARS 3 Walkie Talkie 11K146

RM47.00 RM16.00
DISNEY CARS 3 Walkie Talkie 11K146
  • Connet With Your Friends!
  • Replacement of batteries must done by adults.
  • 5 x AG13 type batteries
How to operate:
  1. Open BATTERY COMPARTMENT and snap in 5 x 'AG13' battery, replace door firmly.
  2. Turn the 'ON/OFF' switch to ON.
  3. Press the 'PUSH-TO-TALK' button for transmiting, and speak in a normal voice level into the speaker/microphone grille.
  4. Release the 'PUSH-TO-TALK' button for receiving.