Deluxe Action Figures Assortment


Relive all the fun and excitement of Despicable Me 3 with these Deluxe Action Figures! Each Deluxe Action Figures have unique accessories, features and multiple points of articulation! Banana Crazy Carl can’t get enough bananas! Jail Time Tattoo Phil comes with a dumbbell and tattoo stickers you put on him! Build-a-Minion features 10 parts to mix and connect. Build either Hula Dave or Hula Stuart! Dress Tourist Jerry up in sunglasses and belly pack. Put on his hat and stick a soda cup in his hand. He’s ready for a vacation! Gru is armed with his fearsome Freeze Ray that fires Ice Darts! Balthazar Bratt’s faithful robot sidekick, Build-a-Bot Clive features 8 parts to mix and connect. He has wheels under his feet for a quick getaway! Jail Time Tattoo Tim comes with tattoo stickers and a shovel to dig an escape tunnel! Each sold separately.


  • Approx. 4.25” to 6.0″ tall
  • Ages 4 and up.

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Banana Crazy Carl, Jail Time Tattoo Tim, Build-A-Minion Hula DAVE & STUART, Gru With Freeze Ray, Jail Time Tattoo Phil, Built-A-Bot Clive, Tourist Minion Jerry


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